Alice’s Story


"I had no idea it was possible to get pregnant naturally with the assistance of acupuncture, 6 weeks post a failed IVF transfer. In late 2014 I gave birth to our first baby, Alfie, after 3 years of desperately trying. He was conceived through IVF. We were very fortunate as the process was very smooth and worked first time. After Alfie was born we knew we wanted to have another child, so because of our ages, we started trying to conceive again pretty much straight away. We didn’t go straight back to IVF as we thought there might be a chance that I could get pregnant naturally this time, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful and I failed to fall pregnant.

After 18 months of trying, desperate, we restarted the IVF process. This time I was a lot more apprehensive about the outcome. Something niggled in my mind that we were not going to be as successful as before. I was right. This time our transfer did not work. I started to panic. I was nearing 40 and I knew that if we were to have another child, I needed to try another approach.

While I had heard much about the fact that acupuncture was highly effective for fertility I had never tried it. So when a friend recommended the wonderful Emma Cannon, less than three weeks after my failed IVF, I paid her a visit. I met Emma and told her my story. She was extremely reassuring, sympathetic and upbeat and made me feel instantly at ease. I started a course of 10 acupuncture sessions with her and was overjoyed when just 3 acupuncture sessions later, I was pregnant!

Today is my due date. We are so excited to meet our little bundle of joy! I loved my sessions with Emma and have found acupuncture to be a fantastic experience in so many ways, and something that I will definitely continue to use in the future."

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