I need help with my menstrual cycle

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Our menstrual cycles and periods are the only outward sign we have of our fertility. Yet it’s amazing how little value we place on them. 

Perhaps your periods have stopped, are painful, heavy or irregular. Whatever the problem we are highly skilled in dealing with menstrual issues and giving you tools to get to know your body and alleviate symptoms 

Your emotions are also important and intrinsically linked to your body and menstrual cycle . In fact women’s body and women’s emotions always go hand in hand.

Understanding what your periods are telling you about your emotional and physical health is central to our practice. 

Different people different treatment

The treatment plan we decide on together will reflect your individual needs and your unique set of circumstances. 

You may wish to book a consultation at my clinic and while you are waiting for your appointment you can start my Becoming Fertile Plan. I have also shared some blogs and recipes to inspire you. I look forward to seeing you soon