Rebecca’s Story


I fell pregnant on trying, but our joy soon turned to extreme sadness with my first miscarriage. I decided to try acupuncture to help with my fertility and found the Emma Cannon Clinic. From the first moment that I met Emma my instincts told me that I was in safe hands with her.

During our acupuncture sessions, I would listen to Emma’s wise words and calming manner. She advised me not to panic or become scared, and instilled in me the strength to keep believing and hoping. I went on to fall pregnant two more times, but again sadly miscarried.

After this I tried 3 cycles of IVF, again without success. At this point, with the help of Emma’s advice, my husband and I decided we would try to naturally conceive again, and miraculously I fell pregnant a fourth time. On reaching the 20 week milestone in my pregnancy, I finally allowed the ‘celebration’ of this milestone – Emma even did a celebration dance around her clinic room, it was a great moment for us all!

Emma taught me that it’s okay to believe, to dream, to visualise, and I believe that the key for me during this time was not only the acupuncture treatments but also the focus on being fertile. My husband and I have proudly received our wonderful gift of a baby girl – against all the odds and incredible circumstances. We are thankful, we are blessed, we are grateful – we believe in miracles. Thank you Emma and your team for all your support and love.

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