Nutrition Consultation


Our approach to food comes from a place of enjoyment, creativity and joy and not a place of lacking like so many current dietary trends.

Optimal nutritional status may improve fertility in women and men and increase the chances of achieving and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.

Victoria Wells is our qualified Registered Associate Nutritionist who offers nutritional consultations to support throughout the lifecycle. She specialises in the role of diet and lifestyle in reproductive function, pre-conception care and IVF support. Victoria’s diet and lifestyle advice is evidence based and individualised programmes are devised for specific problems including weight gain or loss, hormonal disorders, immune function and inflammation responses. Tests can be arranged to identify nutritional deficiencies, with follow-up support provided.

“The wealth of nutritional information available on the Internet is conflicting, overwhelming and difficult to navigate. I do not focus on eating ‘superfoods’, nor do I advocate restrictive fad diets or counting calories. Instead I look at the diet and lifestyle as a whole and guide clients toward making healthier food choices and lifestyle changes. Food nourishes our bodies and relationships and we should choose foods to eat that make us both happy and healthy.”



Wherever you are in your journey from fertility to family, a consultation here can help clarify the road ahead