The Fertility Expert Podcast: Fertility Expert Emma Cannon ‘To nourish another we must nourish ourselves’


Here I speak about, why we need to be honest about our biology and our physiology.

  • Health industry is on steroids, with the best detox juice / extreme yoga

  • Affects of lifestyle on secondary fertility

  • Importance of having joy in your life when TTC

  • Not to underestimate the power of rest

  • Make sure you acupuncturist is credible

Interview with Jasmine Hemsley

Interview with Jasmine Hemsley

In this interview with Jasmine Hemsley, I speak about my life's work, which has been dedicated to the promotion of the principles of Eastern medicine. I believe it to be the most gentle and sophisticated form of medicine with the longest recorded history. The foundations and principles, although ancient, are as relevant today as they ever were - maybe more so . In our busy modern lives introducing some Eastern wisdom can transform your health and life"…

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