Pregnancy over 45

36b6e-pregover45Having a baby in your 40s is no picnic; from the start the stats are stacked against you. After 40 a woman's chance of natural conception is a mere 5% each month. The risk of miscarriage increases as does the risk of gestational diabetes. Not to mention stretch marks, prolapse, exhaustion and other supposedly ‘minor’ pregnancy ailments. The risk of birth defects are high; a 40-year-old woman has a 1 in 105 chance of having a child with Downs syndrome. At 44 it is 1 in 35, and a 46 there is a 1 in 20 chance.

Of course many celebrities who get pregnant in their late 40s do so from egg donation, normally with a younger woman's eggs. This does have the advantage of reducing the risk of birth defects. BUT... there is another side to this story and that is the wisdom an older woman brings to pregnancy and motherhood. In my clinic I see older women who are often much healthier than their younger counterparts. They often drink less, know themselves far better and are more at ease with themselves. Often they have longed for this child and are more prepared to make sacrifices. Many older expectant mothers I see take a step back from the rat race, rest more and eat well. Tips for older mothers * Do not underestimate the rejuvenating power of sleep and rest. Get as much as you can. Sleep in a dark room away from electrical equipment * Eat regular meals and do not skip meals * Eat organic food where possible * Avoid environmental toxins (in detergents and cosmetics for example.) Switch to natural products * Avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes * Exercise moderately - no sweating or working out in high temperatures. Less is more when it comes to exercise. Walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates (mat based, not machine) are ideal. Do not run * Use acupuncture to improve energy and manage minor pregnancy ailments Make an appointment with Emma