My Natural Travel Remedy Kit


Whenever I travel I have a little first aid kit of natural remedies to help me adapt to the change in climate, water and food. This ritual started over 20 years ago in the 90’s when we would go to raves and festivals, for as much as I like a good dance I am really sensitive and always took a little natural first aid kit with me, much to the amusement of all my friends. It always came in handy though, for dehydration, sanitation, sun burn and all other ailments that can really spoil a girl's fun. I adapt the kit to the place, but here are some of my long term favourites in my travel first aid kit.

1) Banderol by NutraMedix

20 drops twice a day in water (be careful with tap water depending on where you are travelling).

This is a an extract made from a bark found in South America and it acts as a microbial defence. Its key features are protection against bacteria infection, fungal infection, parasitic infection and inflammation. There is also some evidence that is effective against Lyme disease. I wouldn’t travel without this little miracle tincture. (LINK to UK site).

2) Primal Defence by Garden of Life

3 capsules per day prior to and during travels. This is a Probiotic formula and helps with digestion by promoting healthy bacteria and PH levels in the gut. It also creates an inhospitable environment for antagonistic or undesirable micro-organisms, as well as relieving bloating, gas and travellers diarrhoea

3) Insect Repellent

For protection against insect bites I start prior to going away by taking AH formula from Viva Mayr. This reduces the levels of histamine in the body and therefore the level of reaction. So when people say “oh mozzies love me I get eaten alive”, I'm sure there is some truth in that but it also depends on how your body reacts to the bites and if your histamine levels are already high you are going to react. Once on holiday prevention is better than cure, so the message is: cover up, especially as the sun goes down. I use a natural preventative spray of essential oils; to be honest they are not nearly as good as the horribly toxic sprays containing deet, but I don’t believe in spraying poison on my body or into the environment. Once bitten (twice shy - sorry could not resist), I use Pyrethrum Complex Homeopathic Spray on the bites and Apis Coplex 6c Homeopathic remedies to take the swelling down. Some people swear by Marmite or taking Vitamin B1 (thiamine) prior to and while travelling as apparently the mosquitoes don’t like it, but there is no evidence. Other remedies that may help the itching are toothpaste, aloe vera, cucumber, fresh basil leaves and baking soda.

4) Immune System Protection

On long distance flights my main aim is to avoid catching anything via the seats and tables and also air borne via the air con. I draw the line (just) at wearing a mask, but I do take this pretty seriously especially given that I have had times when my immune system is pretty low due to various treatments I might be receiving. So I take a natural essential oil spray of tea tree or lavender to mist around the area. I do not like wipes of any description as they are so bad for the environment and it is time we all started being responsible for our planet and not just our own wellbeing (preach). I also use something called Flight Spray which is a natural nasal spray that keeps the nostrils hydrated. It can help prevent colds, flu and sore throat due to recycled airplane air. It also helps with sinusitis which can aid the build up of pressure felt sometimes when travelling. I usually carry Super Shield (Almarome) in my bag at all times, you can either drink it by putting a few drops in water or you can put some drops on a tissue and breath it in, especially if you sit next to someone coughing and spluttering. This can be difficult to find online (I usually get it from my Natropath Bob Jacobs at Health Natural) so if you can’t get this then the Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence blend is also a favourite of mine.

5) For Calmness and Relaxation

For travel calm and to help me transition I take some Bach Rescue Remedy drops and some Australian Bush Flower Essences Travel skin and face mist which is great for cleansing and refreshing yourself and the area around you on long, stuffy journeys. This company also do great travels drops if you prefer this to a spray.

Last but not least, I always make sure I carry plenty of water with me and I try to avoid alcohol if possible so as to avoid dehydration (unless of course you’re going for a party holiday, in which case live and let live I say).