Fertile - a new book by Emma Cannon

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Nourish and balance your body ready for baby making
A new book by Emma Cannon
Published by Vermilion, 2 March 2017 £20

London, UK. 21 February 2017FERTILE is the fourth book written by the respected writer, fertility expert and TedX speaker Emma Cannon, author of the bestseller The Babymaking Bible. This beautifully photographed and illustrated hardback book contains a wealth of practical advice and information coupled with a raft of nourishing and delicious fertility-enhancing recipes by nutritionist Victoria Wells. The book is ultimately an inspiring celebration of life and food, of passion, pleasure, emotion and creation – the intrinsically linked key factors for creating a baby. FERTILE’s fundamental message is about how to experience the joy of practising self-awareness, letting go and living a more ‘fertile’ life – through food, lifestyle and wellbeing. Cannon says ‘This book is as much for your heart as it is for your body. It’s about making delicious food and still leaving time for baby making. After all you can have the best diet in the world but if you don’t make time for making love, ba-bies tend to take a lot longer to come along’. FERTILE is the perfect read for every modern woman thinking about having a baby, perhaps one day on the horizon or maybe trying to conceive right now. The book is divided in to two clear halves. The first is a concise compendium that discusses everything you need to know about getting pregnant. From how weight (under or over) impacts fertility and the ‘right’ kind of exercise to improving digestion, stress reduction, discussing sex and libido-boosting foods, as well as practical advice about IVF support and optimising natural fertility. The second half of the book contains fifty unique recipes made from nutritious ingredients backed up with stunning colour photography. Recipes include mouth-watering offerings such as Black Sesame Porridge with Roasted Saffron Peaches, Dahl with Roasted Tomatoes, four different kinds of pesto, Butternut Squash, Broccoli & Quinoa Stir Fry with Avocado & Toasted Almonds, Chestnut & Seaweed Risotto or sweet treats such as Kefir Panna Cotta with Cardamom and Honey. Bringing together a lifetime of work and research, FERTILE is fuelled by Cannon’s own personal passion and love for food and cookery. Each recipe has been carefully created from her kitchen at home in Lon-don and France, alongside registered nutritionist Victoria Wells. The author also draws from her own in-depth clinical experience and expertise in a unique alchemy of ancient Eastern and traditional Western integrated medical principles that form the backbone of this fascinating book. 'Knowledgeable, engaging and caring, Emma Cannon teaches you how to nurture your fertility.' - Jasmine Hemsley Key Points: (Available for extracts) The Fertile Cleanse: Perfect for Springtime – if you are trying for a baby right now or perhaps about to undergo IVF. A seven day menu plan, together with unique wellbeing rituals including oil pulling, ‘fish and chips’ bath, dry skin brushing and hot and cold showers. The Menstrual Tonic: 7 day simple self-care and eating plan for women of any stage of life to encourage engagement and awareness of the monthly cycle. The Menstrual Optimisation Plan: 28 day plan for women with regular periods to help engage with and understand their menstrual cycle. Includes appropriate food groups that work for each stage of the cycle. The Body-Mind-Gut Programme: 7 day menu plan for balancing digestive weakness. Ideal for IBS suffer-ers or general digestive disturbances that may be compromising fertility. Planting Seeds Meditation: A lovely meditation designed to nourish and grow ideas and visions using seeds and the soil of your garden. Fertile Eggs: Emma’s lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for women in their thirties wishing to optimise egg quality of for those having fertility treatment and wanting to improve their chances. Miscarriage: Looking at causes and support with a ‘Self-healing exercise’. Male Fertility: Fascinating facts about sperm with a tool box of ‘male booster’ recipes and foods. IVF Support: How to prepare and support yourself during IVF with a soothing, nurturing menu planner, sleep tips and emotional preparation and energy improvement strategies.

FERTILE is available to pre-order via Amazon now.

****ENDS*** Press contacts: For further information please contact: Louise Foglia on 07769 658261 / louisefoglia@outlook.com Notes to Editors:

  • Author of four best-selling books about fertility and pregnancy, including 'The Baby Making Bible', Emma Cannon is an inte-grated fertility and women's health expert and registered acupuncturist, and a mentor and speaker. She is founder of Emma Cannon Clinic in Chelsea, London, from where she has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family. Her new book FERTILE is published by Vermillion, 2nd March 2017.
  • In October 2016 Emma was a speaker for TedX Covent Garden Women on the subject of fertility. Watch her TedX talk here... It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile | Emma Cannon | TEDxCoventGardenWomen - YouTube
  • Emma holds a Bachelor of Science with a first class honours in clinical work and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and The College of Medicine. She has attended training with The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in The Management and Treatment of Infertility. She is also a graduate of the School for Wizards and the Ginger ‘Inspiring Speak-ers’ Programme. She writes regularly for Natural Health Magazine and The Huffington Post and has contributed to many newspapers, magazines and radio programmes.
  • For over 20 years Emma has worked closely with western medical practitioners and believes a combination of conventional and complementary approaches helps patients the most. Emma is known for her expertise in fertility but she also sees women during pregnancy, post-partum and the menopause.
  • Renowned consultant gynaecologist based at The Princess Grace Hospital, Adrian Lower works closely with Emma Cannon and says of her unique approach; "Emma Cannon is a powerful healer who has a significant impact on all those who come in-to contact with her. With her roots in Eastern Medicine, she has developed a very sophisticated understanding of the prob-lems of fertility and established a network of complementary and conventional medical practitioners who share her passion for an integrated approach; together they provide a remarkable synthesis of care."
  • Emma has developed particular interest and expertise regarding the impact of the environment, stress and lifestyle choices on both male and female infertility. The Journal of Chinese Medicine published her acclaimed article, How to Optimise and Preserve Fertility; Current Research, Lifestyle Choices and Chinese Medicine.