Emma's top tips for minimising technology and optimising fertility


Over reliance on technology is increasingly becoming a problem as more and more we turn to technology to dictate how we live our lives. Of course technology is not bad, it gives us information at the click of button and access on a global scale. However, like all good things it can be abused and when we become overly reliant on it, we disconnect to something important – our intuition.  We have created the global mind through the internet; but now humanity needs to create the global heart. I feel that this will only be achieved by becoming more heart centred and less led by our minds. We need to spend time NOT thinking; emptying our minds of the clutter and addictive thought patterns. We need to spend more time communicating face to face again. We need to spend time physically connecting to each other and rediscovering intimacy. We will only achieve this if we discipline ourselves to spend less time on our phones and our screens.

Use technology responsibly: Not all of it is bad and if you’re using it to get a better understanding of your menstrual cycle then good. If you’re using it so much you’re rarely having sex that's bad.

Try to prioritise sex rather than scheduling it: And make a pact about where and when you can use your phones. Definitely not in the bedroom and definitely not in bed.

Be wary of who you follow on social media: Look at it like junk food and be discerning of what you consume. You can gain support from others but don’t apply their lives to yours or compare yourself.

Keep your bedroom phone-free: For those worried about the potential links between infertility and blue light don’t keep phones in your pockets or by your bed.

Get back to basics: Have proper face to face time with each other. We are social creatures and physical interaction is vital to our health and fertility. When we connect physically our bodies release all the chemicals that make us attractive and want to have sex.

Get turned on thinking about sex: Engage in the feeling of sex rather than thinking ‘Oh god I’ve got to have sex tonight’ and obsessing over whether it leads to a baby. Get back into enjoying the journey.

For the sake of balance I want to introduce you to a piece of  pioneering technology that is going increase the chances of natural conception in women.  MyLotus is a new personalised fertility testing and tracking device. It shows what is happening in your body with your fertility hormones, how these change during your cycle and when you are most fertile. It allows you to monitor your fertility and specifically your Luteinising Hormone (LH) levels and how your profile links to ovulation. It provides a unique insight to your fertility journey and helps identify your most fertile days to help speed up your time to a natural pregnancy. It is the perfect companion to use in conjunction with acupuncture to demonstrate how acupuncture is optimising your fertility hormones. LOVE THIS!