5 FERTILE things to do this Autumn


I love the expansive nature of summer; doing things instead of having things to do, eating outside, staying up late, wearing less clothing, eating lightly. But there is also something rather lovely about settling back into a routine and allowing your energy to begin to contract inwards. The natural inclination of energy at this time of year is inward and as the temperature drops we need to conserve our energy and begin to slow down the pace a little.   STOCK UP YOUR PANTRY I like to be prepared on the food front and so it is great to have some thing that you can grab midweek that will give your meals a little lift. I like to stock up on chicken stock for the freezer. Nuts and seeds and oils in the pantry. I like to have a variety of grains that I can soak overnight and easily make a meal from.  Fresh herbs and seeds are great for whizzing up with oil or butter to turn into a delicious sauce to put on soup, pasta or to dress veggies. Current favourite is roasted cauliflower with a green tahini sauce made from fresh herbs, pine nuts, garlic and tahini.   STOCK UP ON WARM FOOT WEAR In Chinese medicine keeping warm is vital for fertility, walking around on stone floors with bare feet is not recommended as the cold penetrates the Kidney Channel which in turn connects to the womb. This is said to inhibit good blood flow to the womb and ovaries; considered detrimental to fertility.   FIND A PURPOSE Research suggests that when we engage in a pursuit or purpose outside of ourselves we are happier, have lower levels of anxiety and are more productive. In terms of fertility it is very easy to become fixated on the goal of having a baby often to the extent of everything else in our lives. Often the fixation becomes unhealthy and obsessive and leads to depression and anxiety. So try and spend less time looking at what everyone else is doing on social media and engage in your own life.   SPEND TIME IN NATURE This is one of the most beautiful times of year in the UK (other countries are available), observing nature can teach us so much about ourselves. Look at the way nature does not resist change, instead she allows each stage to evolve. Letting go of summer, moving into late summer and eventually allowing autumn. Often we associate letting go with failing; but summer did not fail because autumn came.   EARLY NIGHT AND LOTS OF CUDDLES Exhaustion is a real issue in society today, we are increasingly connected 90% of the time and the impact of ‘being switched on’ all the time is taking its toll on our mental and physical health. Human relationships and connection is suffering and this in term impacts on our fertility. The more time we spend together, touching and caressing the more endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals tell the body that we are safe and activates our ‘feed and bred’ response which is optimal for conceiving.