Sam’s Story


Following 1 ectopic pregnancy, 2 IVF miscarriages and a further 2 failed IVF attempts, Sam hit rock bottom. Her IVF doctor suggested she try acupuncture, referring her to me. Sam shares the rest of the story in her own words…

I sat with Emma, proudly listing how I was preparing my body for IVF. I remember so vividly saying (whilst thinking ‘this will impress her’) how I was on a strict sugar free, clean and lean diet and… “clean and mean is what I call it, darling,” she smiled. She took my hand and explained the difference between nurture and restriction. Within minutes she had found the problem; I wasn’t looking after myself, I was punishing myself. I had eradicated nearly all pleasure from my life as a way to gain some element of control in a situation that was actually very much outside my control.

Only in that room with Emma did I realize; I was broken and had no belief in myself, my body or in IVF. I had given up and was merely going through the motions. It was incredibly painful to face but deep down I knew I would be ok, with Emma’s help. She knows how hard this is for you and has a unique way of uncovering the problem and empowering you.

Within a couple of sessions with Emma I felt better than I had in years. By relinquishing control I finally felt in control. I was looking after myself, I was calm and it was the first time I had felt connected to my body since my ectopic pregnancy. My 5th round of IVF was by far the easiest, the acupuncture eradicated a lot of the symptoms (especially the mood swings and bloating) and once my darling boys were put back inside of me as 2 miniscule embryos, Emma taught me how to welcome them, to love them, to visualize my body both accepting them and helping them to grow.

3 days after my transfer and Emma knew I was pregnant. “It’s looking good darling.”

Emma nurtured me throughout the first 3 months of my pregnancy and beyond. She looked after me and taught me how to look after myself. I felt like her only patient.

Our 5th round of IVF was the only one supported with acupuncture and I was lucky enough to have this with Emma whose unique approach to women and fertility changed the way I looked after myself. She helped to make my dream come true – Woody and Oliver.

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