Nina’s Story


Nina was 41 years old and had experienced one miscarriage when she came to see Emma, hoping to conceive.

"My decision to book a consultation with Emma was a profound acknowledgment of my deep wish to have a child, despite being single. Too many days and nights had been spent feeling sorry for myself that I had missed the boat – it was time to take action. I had already tried to conceive for six months with no success when I met Emma. It was a significant turning point for me.

I will always remember our first meeting. The environment of her practice was so cosy and homely, I felt I was visiting an old friend for tea rather than receiving treatment in a clinic. Emma empowered me with the knowledge that it was within me to manifest all that I needed to become a parent, including optimum health, emotional courage, balanced hormones and a sense of humour!

She instilled in me a confidence that things would work out. I received several sessions of acupuncture with Emma, and did my best to follow her advice as I proceeded with my attempts to conceive via a donor. However there was another more magical element to it all. Each time I went to receive a treatment I felt my confidence soar. Emma believed in my body’s ability to carry a child, she encouraged me to keep going when things seemed bleak and became my cheerleader to conception.

Six months after my first visit, I was blessed with pleasure of contacting her to let her know I was pregnant! She was so kind to me and had my back from the start, she was one of the very first people I shared my newly discovered joy with and I will always be grateful to her for her healing abilities, and empowering voice. My son Mika was born on the 21st October 2014. He is the greatest blessing of my life and every day I am filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude."

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