Emily's Story


This is a collage of our 12, 16 and 20 week scans. We still cannot believe it's real!  The 20 week scan was the most wonderful experience, seeing baby really move, swallow, smile, wriggle etc and feeling them move, which just fills me with more and more love every day.

Looking back to the time of our second failed IUI, the feeling of needing to take back some control became overwhelming, and that’s when I ordered Emma’s book FERTILE.  It became my bible and it was so lovely to notice changes and feel like I could control something again.  We took a break from treatment and I started to feel so much better.  When we went back for another cycle a few months later we told no one. The combination of no pressure from people knowing, having FERTILE by my side, using a naturally derived hormone rather than a chemical one, and me putting my foot down when the hospital wanted to increase my dosage again – all of these factors, I’m sure, worked in our favour.  This time we ended up with just one follicle but as I wasn’t overstimulated we went ahead and we were fortunate enough to catch.  Our little miracle is due any day now and we are still in a state of shock – after so many years it's finally happening!!  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you

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