Eleanor’s Story


Eleanor and her husband Derek had fallen pregnant with their first son Isaac after trying for three years. On the brink of starting IVF, it was a surprise natural conception after such a long time trying. The couple knew they didn’t want a big age gap so, after another three years of trying for a second child, they sought help from Emma…

"I was desperate to not have a huge gap between the children. Emma was a hugely calming influence who made me believe it wasn’t a question of IF I would conceive again but WHEN.

We decided we would try IVF and this is where I feel Emma’s expertise excelled. She helped me decide what kind of clinic to choose, and ‘held my hand’ through the whole process, fitting me in for sessions as and when required in order to best support the process.

After our second round of IVF I was able to send Emma a text. I think it read ‘you’ll never guess what…’ Of course she knew before I did, but telling her the news was the best feeling. Rex was born March 2017. Our family was complete!

Emma has continued to play a part in our lives. I will always be very grateful, not only for her help with conceiving, but also for the chats we had and her kind, holistic approach. Who knows if it was the acupuncture was which made it all work out? But I do know that the sessions were incredibly relaxing and therapeutic which can only help."

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