Tracie’s Story


"On the day I turned 40 I remember waking up with a terrible sinking feeling. It was not the fact I was 40, it was the fact I was childless and 40.

I had finally found the partner I wanted to spend my life with, he was six years younger than me. I felt the pressure accelerate to fall pregnant.

We had actually started trying when I was 38 and those two years had flown by. We just kept thinking it would happen. We went away for a month in Thailand to relax and we decided if things had not happened naturally then we would get some advice about IVF.

While we were away I had read a book called ‘The Baby Making Bible’ by Emma Cannon. It appeared in my life rather magically, literally landing in my lap (too long a story to share here!)

We came back in the February, still with the dreaded negative pregnancy test, and by Easter we were having our first round of IVF. Not quite the Easter egg collection I was dreaming of. As I read more and more about my elevated FSH hormone levels I started to feel like it would never happen for us and I was too old. We did get pregnant on that round but miscarried. After this we decided not to rush back into it, and no more googling. I booked my first appointment with Emma.

Emma welcomed me with the most incredible warmth and was more knowledgeable about fertility than anyone I had ever spoken to before. I cried a lot, she didn’t mind. After my amazing first session of acupuncture and armed with packets of ‘nourish blood’ teas and soups, I felt I had a much better understanding of how to make my womb a fertile ground for a baby.

We conceived again, naturally this time, but then miscarried for a second time. Had I not been seeing Emma at this time we would have probably have ploughed straight into another intense round of IVF. Instead I carried on seeing Emma and I have no doubt that the sessions were helpful, especially to my mental health. I started to blossom again, I was calm and I found a sense of well-being and peace. In fact, I felt an abundance of positive energy and health… and then I conceived naturally. Emma supported me throughout the pregnancy and our baby boy Henry was born on Fireworks Night 2015, a healthy 10lb rocket of magic."

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