The post-natal period can be a particularly vulnerable time in which the mother is often overlooked.

In many cultures, the post natal period is considered a vital window during which the mother needs support and rest so that she might regain her strength – very much at odds with the modern western expectations of “returning to normal” within weeks. We can nurture and support the mother in the days and weeks following birth and provide realistic diet and lifestyle guidance, as well as support with breastfeeding.
After you have had your baby the early days can be overwhelming; adjusting to motherhood and recovering from the birth. Sometimes the early challenges of breastfeeding and understanding your baby’s feeding cues can be very confusing. Here at the clinic we offer appointments to ‘trouble shoot’ breastfeeding challenges early on in order to promote successful feeding and ensure you and your baby benefit from this special time and fulfilling experience as easily as possible. Our clinic’s registered midwife Anna Cannon is available to offer medical advice when required.

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Wherever you are in your journey from fertility to family, a consultation here can help clarify the road ahead