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This October we are hosting our second Fertile Retreat, focusing on food. Our home for 1st-5th October will be in Les Trois Peupliers. The house is south of Toulouse in a typical farmer’s village; a rural setting in Gascony with only the sounds of birds and wildlife. There is an outdoor heated pool, sunbathing decks, wild fields, beautiful landscaped gardens and old barns. 


During the retreat, I will support you with acupuncture and a focus on creating abundance, fertility and opening up the capacity to receive. Victoria and Anna will ensure you enjoy a balanced, nutritious and delicious diet that complements both the inner and outer climate. There will be daily tuition on all aspects of healthy and fertile eating. And there is the option of receiving massage while on the retreat (optional extra).  


This is a wonderful way to explore food in a unique way. Combining the wisdom of Chinese medicine food energetics with nutritional knowledge to broaden and deepen your experience of a fertile diet. Discover how to eat for your own energetic tendencies, for Heat, Cold, Stagnation or Damp, how to read your tongue, look after your gut health and incorporate probiotic and fermented foods in your cooking and eating. 


Please do get in touch if you would like to receive more details emma@emmacannon.co.uk

To 'Retreat' is to spend time in self-reflection away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and is an important part of any healing journey.

Our everyday lives are full to the brim of doing and achieving, and as fulfilling as this can be it is actually very masculine energy. It is important for our emotional development and balance that we spend time in quiet, reflective contemplation and sometimes it is necessary to remove ourselves from our normal lives.

Fertile definition: someone or something capable of reproducing and also the production of many new ideas. Producing abundantly; rich in resources or invention; fruitful; prolific

Fertile Retreat: perhaps you wish to be more fertile to conceive a child or to bring more creativity and abundance into your life. Whatever your focus, together with your guides, both inner and outer, you will embark on a journey of integration and wholeness.


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