menstrual cycle
We provide a medically led consultation for women who want to understand and optimise their menstrual cycles to have more energy, be pain-free, emotionally more balanced and preserve their fertility.

Our menstrual cycle and monthly periods are the only outward sign we have of our gynaecology and fertility.

The purpose of this consultation is to help you find ways to naturally manage any menstrual symptoms and to learn how to improve your menstrual cycles for yourself. It is a gift for life.
  • Understand and take control of your monthly cycle
  • Learn how to manage menstrual symptoms
  • Learn which foods are helpful and which foods to avoid
  • Using herbs to manage menstrual symptoms
  • Learn how to do The Menstrual Cure
  • Using essential oils to manage menstrual symptoms
  • What supplements might help
  • How to make lifestyle adjustments to help manage menstrual symptoms
  • How exercise can be used therapeutically
  • What other treatments might be beneficial
  • Know when symptoms need to be investigated medically
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