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A special invitation
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It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend two very special workshops with Kalindi Jordan, who has spent 22 years working with women and couples in the arena of bodywork and conscious connection. 
Part 1 of the Embodied Woman Workshop will take place on Friday 17th February at the Radnor Walk clinic from 6pm-9pm. So many of us spend too much time operating from our heads and not using our intuition, our sensuality, or our hearts to guide us. Kalindi has a gift in helping us be a sensual, receiving and feeling woman...and it is utterly joyful. Connecting back to this energy can have far reaching effects for your fertility, general and emotional health. 
Part 2 of the Embodied Woman Workshop will take place on Saturday 18th February, 10am-1pm, and is open to those who attended Part 1 on the Friday evening, or came to one of the sessions in September or December of last year.   This morning master class will be a continuation and deepening of what will have been shared in Part 1. There are many layers within us that need our attention and this morning experience will concentrate on some of these more subtle aspects, as well as giving focus to each woman’s unique physical patterning.
Explains Kalindi; “Using the techniques and processes that I will share over this weekend can assist in so many areas of our lives, resulting in less anxiety, a clearer mind, a fertile body and natural confidence.  I have witnessed so many times the change within a woman when she explores these simple ways.” 
With only 12 places available, these will be safe, supportive and nurturing events. Tickets cost £90 for each session, including light refreshments.
A 10% discount is available to those booking a spot on both the Friday and Saturday sessions.  
To book your space, call the Clinic on 020 3866 8958 or email clinic@emmacannon.co.uk
Stress & Fertility
A recent study published in Human Reproduction looking at preconception stress has demonstrated that stress does indeed increase the risk of infertility.

My sympathy goes out to couples who struggle to conceive, as i know how stressful it can be and sometimes there is little understanding regarding infertility. Other people can wrongly think that because infertility is not always due to an illness it does not involve suffering; this could not be further from thr truth. However, just telling people they need to be 'less stressed' can be counter-productive. This is why i am dedicated to helping you, through my books, retreats and my clinical work, to find ways to reduce stress and make healthy lifestyle choices without making you feel worse!

There are different kinds of stress: stress you cannot change and stress you can, of our own making. Identifying the difference and learning how to change that which you can and accept that which you cannot is half the battle. Over burdening patients with well meaning but excessively restrictive lifestyle restrictions may add further stress and so I am cautious only to advise couples to change habits, diets and activities that are having a negative effect on their health and this is not healthy or fertile.

Health preservation is central to our practice, the way we live our life and how we look after ourselves impacts of the quality of our whole life - the choice is ours.


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