the fertility rooms
We provide a medically led service for anyone thinking of having a baby either now or in the future. We offer a full range of fertility advice, tests and programmes, from optimising natural fertility to support through IVF. We support individuals and couples through from pre-conception to pregnancy, birth and post-natal. Whatever point you are at on this journey, our aim is healthy parents, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

My initial consultation with you begins at the diagnostic stage and takes a 360 degree approach to assessing your fertility health, including medical, lifestyle and emotional aspects. At this stage we can offer fertility tests where appropriate.

Bespoke plans are designed around acupuncture, nutrition, lifestyle issues, stress reduction, exercise (the 'right kind'), sex or lack of it, as well as medical referrals to the appropriate specialists for medical issues. We welcome gay couples or single women, and also provide diagnostic tests and plans for male fertility. The philosophy behind The Fertility Rooms is about treating everyone as an individual.
Emma Cannon is a powerful healer with a hugely positive aura who possesses great wisdom and understanding . With her roots in Eastern Medicine she has developed a very sophisticated understanding of the problems of fertility. She has established a network of complementary and conventional medical practitioners who share her passion for an integrated approach and together they provide a remarkable synthesis of care.

Miss Jeannie Yoon Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Fertility wellness M.O.T
"The health of the child is
determined by the health of
the parents prior to

Designed for couples wanting to prepare for pregnancy or for those would like to conceive in the present time or in the future and are looking for ways to and preserve their fertility.

Whether hoping for a natural conception or going through IVF or IUI there are always ways to improve your health and wellbeing. The aim is to be in the best possible health at the time of conception. Using the Baby-making 360 degree approach to fertility Emma and her team will design a bespoke cycle of treatment to ensure that all aspects of health and fertility are optimal prior to conception. Diagnostic blood tests and scans are also available to determine the status of fertility in both men and women.
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