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Emma cannon
Emma Cannon is a fertility, pregnancy and integrated women's health expert, registered acupuncturist and author.

"My experience has shown me that different systems of medicine have their own strengths and weaknesses. Put Chinese medicine and Western medicine together and you have a combination that I have seen help so many people, especially in the field of fertility."

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science from Westminster University, where she received a first class honours in clinical work, and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and The College of Medicine. She has completed post graduate training with The Royal College Of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the management and treatment of infertility. Emma specialises in fertility, but she also treats pregnancy, pre-birth, post-partum and the menopause. Her special interests are: the immune system and how that impacts on our fertility, how the mind effects the body and helping people through difficult life challenges and ultimately giving them a fuller, healthier more balanced life.

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If I can't help a couple then I
will know the right person to
send them to and that is half
the battle. People don't know
where to turn and they panic,
I'm here to support.
The Fertility Rooms are a beautiful space in a medical yet homely setting 2 minutes walk from Sloane Square and 5 minutes from Victoria. We aim to have the best opening hours in London for acupuncture support and have a team of highly qualified practitioners.
Emma's story
"It was 1990, I had left my oil business job and started my journey into the world of health and wellbeing; it was a giant leap of faith. No one much cared about health back then and the term wellbeing had not even been invented.

But despite the mood of the time, I was drawn to ideas of health and balance. It made perfect sense to me that we could not live a life of excess; drinking, smoking, living a hedonistic lifestyle and not have to 'pay it back'. I decided to take a trip to San Francisco where I knew there was a big movement in alternative health and living. During that time I attended many lectures and was lucky enough to work with some truly inspiring teachers including Hoffman of The Hoffman Process. The three months I spent there laid the foundations of my life's passion.

On graduating, my first paid job was at the award winning NHS clinic The Gateway in South London, this was a multi-bed clinic where we saw up to 20 patients a day for acupuncture. In 1999 I was introduced to Dr Tim Evans who was opening an integrated clinic for families in Wandsworth. It was one of the first of its kind and Western medicine consultants and complementary therapists practiced side by side in harmony.

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