After you have had your baby the early days can be overwhelming adjusting to motherhood and recovering from the birth. Sometimes the early challenges of breastfeeding and understanding your baby's feeding cues can be very confusing. Here at The Fertility Rooms we offer appointments to 'trouble shoot' breastfeeding challenges early on to promote successful breastfeeding to ensure you and your baby benefit from this special time and fulfilling experience as easily as possible.

If you are very newly delivered we recognise that the best place for you and your baby is at home and we are very happy to offer home visits (within an area). During these visits we will support you with achieving the feeding that you wish, exclusive breastfeeding or mixed feeding.

Visits include:

  • Consultation with Anna RM IBCLC
  • How to achieve a good latch
  • Correct positioning and attachment
  • How to recognise feeding cues, when your baby is full, when your baby is hungry
  • How to manage wind and colic
  • How to increase your milk supply
  • Feeding plan and review, if necessary
  • Prevention and treatment of engorgement, sore nipples, mastitis
  • Identification of problems such as thrush
  • Identification of tongue tie and referral for treatment
Breastfeeding Cafe
9a.m. - 1p.m. Thursdays

Every Thursday morning is our breastfeeding cafe. A time when new mums can pop into 19 Cliveden Place for advice on breast feeding. Emma and Anna will both be on hand to help with any question you have and their combined skills of acupuncture and breastfeeding counselling can normally sort out most issues. In a relaxed and comfortable surrounding with lots of herbal infusions to hand.
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